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Attracting the Right Kind of Attention!

In the sport of motocross, we all want sponsors. Someone or a company that we can slap on our bike or bikes even just for the stigmatic purpose of “it looks cool”. And motocross is a sport that thrives off of the support of many companies, and individuals that are both fiscally and emotionally invested in this great sport.

Now before we dive into the depths of what "I" know about this topic, I must clarify that I myself am not a Pro rider. I made it to Intermediate status and then broke my back in 2005 and that pretty much ended any aspirations I had of making it Pro. I am still currently racing for the fun of it in multiple clubs and am now starting the journey of getting my daughters involved in the great sport of motocross.

Firstly and this my absolute number 1 rule for attracting the right kind of attention, act and project yourself in and professional and courteous manner. You may not be the fastest, you may not have all the new current gear or swag, but if you are respectful and mindful towards your competitors, and the people in the pits it will come back on you tenfold. There are most always sponsors or reps at the track looking for new talent and or people to represent their companies. They look for the riders that have not only talent, but a good positive personality at the track. I myself am not the fastest, but I always make time to say "hi" or converse with the people at the track in an pleasant and respectful manner. And I should stress that this is something that can be learned, as when I first started many years ago I was a somewhat shy and introverted person and had to learn to really step out of my comfort-zone at times and just make small talk. "Did you see that race last weekend RC and Stewart were hauling" etc. You're at the racetrack, remember that as most are as interested in the many same things you are. Especially motocross.

Secondly give something back to your community. After being involved in this sport now for over 20 years, I have seen many riders come and go. I try and dedicate at least 3 days of riding/practice time at my local tracks. When there you always come across some new blood that are looking to test the waters in the world of motocross racing. Go over and help them out, we were all there once. Whether they be a younger kid hitting the track for the first time or a 40 year old finally crossing "racing" off their bucket list. I myself try and dedicate a chunk of time to others while I'm at the track, giving what knowledge I have whether it be about jetting a carb (for those still riding 2 smokers you'll know what I mean), general maintenance, to riding form or practicing starts with them. At the end we're all in it for the fun of racing, and the more we act as a big family the better we all are as a community. And I can tell you first hand that this community talks. Word of mouth is probably still the best form of sponsor attraction.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our sponsors page and help support those who support Moto.

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